Summer Internship program-2022 provides a great opportunity for improving your skills in the right way. These programs are designed efficiently to learn by building projects super easily. Interns will work with hands-on practice to develop the Major/Minor projects.

  1. Students need to work practically in their duration of the internship and complete their Major Project.
  2. Technical Minor tasks are assigned in the internship period should be completed within the time duration.
  3. Students will get their internship/Training certificate after the completion of their Major Project only.
  1. Days for the Internship program are 1 month/2 months/4 months/6 months(Long term).
  2. Students can flexibly choose the Internship period.
  3. Minor/Major project should be done in the Internship period.
  4. Certification is issued by “Inola Entreprises Pvt Ltd”.

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